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Electricians pushing conventional career boundaries
David Hemmi

9th June,2020
ElectricianXChange Radio

- Electricians pushing conventional career boundaries

David personifies the Millennial, having moved across multiple careers over the past 14-15 years. He started off as an electrician in  Switzerland in 2007 and is presently an Investment Analyst at a Venture Capital Investment Firm in Melbourne. Along the way, he picked up a Bachelors in Systems Engineering, a Masters degree in Robotics and a PhD in Computer Science. But then they say - it’s not what you start with which is important. It’s what you do with what you start up with which is.

The thing which struck me most about David and his relevance for electricians in general and electricianXchange in particular, was his emphasis that his hands-on experience as an electrician gave him an added lever in all of the roles he subsequently took up. He is someone who has the unique ability to provide guidance to anyone qualified as an electrician wondering what to do next.

To any electrician listening to this podcast - based on David's journey - the world is your oyster.