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An electrical apprentice's pursuit towards excellence
Joel Handcock, Electrical Apprentice, Simplot Australia

22nd June,2020
ElectricianXChange Radio

- An electrical apprentice's pursuit towards excellence

Joel Handcock represents the many apprentices who put in 100% towards trying to pursue a career in electro-technology, finding a tough pathway towards being able to do this. Joel started as a maintenance fitter in 2007 and decided he wanted to pursue an electro-technology pathway from an early age, but found the opportunities not forthcoming where he was located in regional Victoria. It took him until 2017, when his company Simplot Australia gave him the green light to move from his now established maintenance fitter tradesman role, to start back as an electrical apprentice where he commenced sweeping floors as most apprentices do in the early stages. In 2019 his TAFE in Bendigo recognised his work by awarding him the Apprentice of the year award putting his name subsequently forward for the Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN) award which Joel also won collecting in the process a cheque for $12,000. Joel hopes to use this money to visit Simplot US and learn about automation & PLC programming. Ray talks to Joel on his quest towards his desire to become an electrician and what others could learn if they intend heading down the same path.