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Rob Boards - How Effective Are They?

"Rob Boards". How effective are they?


No, I have not misspelt.


If you feel like job boards are extracting money from you, job ad after job ad - with no to very limited results, you're going to be like the many I talk to who say they feel robbed.


And up to now there was no option other than to advertise on job boards because what was the alternative? Recruiters and labour hire companies? Charging an arm, a leg and part of the body?


electricianXchange provides a solution, combining technology and AI to connect employers to jobseekers WITHOUT any intermediaries involved.


The electricianXchange process is simple:


  • Licence checked qualified electricians & electrical apprentices looking for perm or contract work, create their work profile via a series of drop down boxes. This being on fields such as their work motivation, post code they prefer work within, type of work they do, etc. This jobseeker profile is created via a user name/alias with no contact details of employer/jobseeker available at this early stage of engagement. It's at no cost to the jobseeker and cost of a job ad for the employer to get jobseeker's contact details. 


  • The employer uses a search tool bar to locate on a Google map, those closest to where the work is, commencing a series of chats with identified jobseekers, determining their suitability via the chat. Unlimited chats back & forth are possible - and the process takes 2-3 days to reach alignment.


  • The employer upon getting alignment, pays the cost of a job ad to get the jobseeker's contact details - and that is the only cost from us.


  • Upon doing that, the employer gets the jobseeker's resume (and if its not been uploaded the employer can encourage the jobseeker to upload this, before commencing talks). If the jobseeker don't do that, the employer can reject the jobseeker, getting a credit note which can be used to locate someone else immediately. 


  • The employer can also get the jobseeker to upload two referee details, which can be seen via the portal, after the above payment has been made. 


  • The employer can get the jobseeker to populate their experience further (via drop down boxes again so its a matter of minutes for the jobseeker to do this) through the portal, so those jobseekers not good at word-smithing can still provide a detailed work profile to the employer to decide from. 


  • Using the contact details provided, the employer can then pick up the phone and vet the jobseeker further as much as they want. Additionally, the employer has up to 48 hours of the jobseeker starting work, to request for a credit note should it not work out despite all of the above. This credit note will be for the full amount paid and is available with no time bound on it. 


Give it a go at It works. To check this, see the various testimonials at


If you have any questions please feel free to call on 1300 353 364 or my mobile direct on 0417442326 and I am more than happy to discuss this further.

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