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Lady Tradies transforming the industry

Women are entering traditionally male-dominated tradie roles at increasing rates, and the industry is ready to welcome them.

According to New South Wales TAFE Minister Adam Marshall, the state has seen double-digit increases in apprenticeship enrolments from women moving into trades such as plumbing and carpentry - and the figures are mirrored across the country.

"The message I get from employers all the time is, 'We want more females in'," he said.

Women are entering male-dominated trades at rising rates. 

"They do a great job not only comparable to men, but in a lot of cases they do even better, particularly on the finer details of those high-end jobs."

In the past year, 10,000 women tradies picked up the tools, most popularly in motor mechanics, electrical work, and plumbing.

Plumber Aimee Stanton switched careers after trying her hand at beauty therapy - but it wasn't an easy start.

Sign writer Chrissy Gensch said the variety of her job was exciting.

"I applied for over 100 jobs in the plumbing industry and I heard back from one," she said.

"And I thought, is this for me, and I thought, maybe I should go back to beauty therapy?"

But she persisted, and according to her dad, builder Peter, she now comes home happy every night.

Plumber Aimee Stanton switched careers from beauty therapy. (A Current Affair)

Sign writer Chrissy Gensch said she found her career more exciting than an office job.

"You get to be creative, you get dirty some days, do a bit of everything," she said.

Apprentice carpenter Rachel Bennett, however, said things could still be tough for a woman in what many saw as a man's world.

Carpenter Rachel Bennett said she was still sometimes treated differently by co-workers.

"I've had employers not let me lift anything or not let me dig holes because girls don't get dirty," she said.

"I just tell them, I'm here to do the job just like anybody else, please let me do my job."


A Current Affair, Channel Nine News,, 11/12/18

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