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Features of A Grade Electrician jobs across Australia

There are various A Grade electrician jobs available in different industries across the country.

But who is an A Grade electrician?

An A Grade electrician is an electrician who has a license to carry out all types of electrical installation work without supervision. This allows the electrician to work unsupervised. It does not allow the electrician to work for a profit including sub-contracting. To work for a profit or to sub-contract, the electrician needs to have a Registered Electrical Contractor’s registration in place.

Becoming an electrician and this really means becoming an A Grade Electrician leads to the following outcomes, frankly because of the huge demand for electricians in what is an infrastructure driven economy as we’re seeing right now:

  • Better earning options: There are around 8,000 to 10,000 A Grade electrician jobs across Australia in any month and several of the job ads placed have difficulty attracting the right candidate for these roles. This demand-supply situation results in good salaries being offered to those with 5+ years of experience – sometimes around the $90k mark with just 5 years’ post qualification experience.
  • Work-life balance:  An A Grade electrician mainly sticks to a normal work routine, with very few being called in for emergency work after working hours. So, if you prefer heading home after work and having a work-life balance it’s a great career option to work in your trade, earn a living and seeing your family after work.
  • Ability to be independent: Those who progress to have a Registered Electrical Contractor’s License also have the ability to have an independent living, being able to run a business earning a profit. Of course this is a field which is quite competitive. electricianXchange’s labour-out / labour-in portal however allows contractors to access staff quickly, cheaply and at all times through engagement with other electrical contractors who have excess staff - perhaps through them having missed out on a tender or when staff are in between large jobs waiting to crystallise.

Connect with ElectricianXchange, an electronic labour efficiency platform for electricians. It is fully supported by NECA Victoria (National Electrical and Communications Association - based in Melbourne, Victoria).

Finding a job as an electrician and finding electricians as an electrical contractor has never been easier.

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