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Firstly, what do I mean by a marginal employer?

An electrical contractor or industrial, commercial employer who is neither successful nor are they going bust.

They are surviving - day in and day out, year in and year out, for years on end - just enough to make ends meet for as long as you know them.

So running a business where there is no regular return on investment - such that they can re-invest the money into their staff as training or as salary increases to keep in touch with cost of living and to reflect the huge demand for electricians right now. Or where employers have unrealistic expectations of their staff or where employers treat their staff unfairly or not valuing staff as separate individuals but as a collective of "workers" who they rarely meet personally other than for sending them to a work place for paid work.

Specifically if you as the employee ask for a fair wage - they say "Mate, its tough". They try and rort the system - so take shortcuts either on safety and on regular training necessary to be in touch with the latest, or where they refuse to pay for electrical standards, or work tools or the van servicing, etc, etc (basically tools of trade).

You'll know what I mean if you are going through this yourself. Every single bit of money that needs to come out - its like extracting blood from stone.

Because of the fragmented nature of the industry where 97.5% of the industry have staff of less than 15 - so small businesses with many having 2-3 staff - there are certainly marginal employers existing.

Of course , not everyone is like that and there are great employers around too. But you have to find them.

If you are working in a "marginal" company environment recognise that you deserve better. Check out what electricianXchange does in facilitating DIRECT discussion between employers and jobseekers WITHOUT any recruiter, labour hire company or jobs board involved - via a chat system between employer-jobseeker through the platform.

Find your right employer DIRECTLY.


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