Want to know how to use this platform?

There's a few parts to this.

Firstly its trying to figure out what makes you tick as a human being? What are your personal strenghts and interests - because the logic is that if you are involved with work, doing things which are your strengths you will excel. If you do things which don't use your strengths on a day to day basis - everything you do at work will seem like a drag..

There is a formal way to do this via Gallup Strenghts or via VIA Strengths Assessment or an informal way to do this.

Within the formal way, go to the above web sites & follow their methodology to understand what makes you tick as a human being i.e. what are your core strengths. Then via this mentoring module, figure out roles where your core strengths can be used on a day to day basis.

In the informal way - keep a journal over a three month period docmenting daily what makes you smile and what energises you on a day to day basis. Extract from that your strengths or things you get the most energy out of. The things which make you smile. Try and see trends through that, so you start to understand what type of work you would need to gravitate to so that your strengths & interests are used daily within that type of work.

If you need some guidance on this, feel free to call Ray the founder on 0417442326  - happy to help in whatever way I can.