Want to know how to use this platform?


  • What do you enjoy doing ( five things which describe what you love doing most)
  • Share your current role and career path to date - discuss key tasks and duties of your current role if you have an apprenticeship already
  • Share your own experiences at TAFE - what you enjoy and what you don't and for what you don't can anything be done about it?
  • How can you balance TAFE studies with your apprenticeship job? How did the Mentor manage that?
  • How can you make the most of TAFE?
  • Are there any clubs / societies at TAFE or local Meet Up Groups which could make TAFE or work easier through the joining of these clubs or meet up groups? What would the mentor recommend?
  • What do you find challenging about TAFE or work - and how did the mentor handle this or suggest you handle this?.


  • Discuss your expectations from future career paths you are interested in. Are these reasonable or unreasonable expectations? And why?
  • Discuss what it takes to specialise in areas the mentor has had experience in?
  • What are the growth prospects and career opportunities in areas the mentor has had experience within?
  • What are the industry trends and areas experiencing growth through what the mentors knows about the industry and roles they have undertaken to date?
  • How can you as a mentee best reach those goals - if the mentor were to be in the mentee's shoes?.
  • What are some potential alternate career pathways?
  • What can the mentee do if they are unsuccessful in obtaining an internship offer?


  • Could the mentor share their experience of having obtained their first job?
  • How did the mentor transition from TAFE Into a full-time electrician position?
  • Are there any tips and insights on the best way to write a CV and prepare for job Interviews?
  • How would the mentor suggest looking to applying for Internships in future?


  • Can the mentor share their day-to-day experiences of their working life including how many hours they work, how demanding their role is and its major challenges & benefits
  • How does the mentor manage work-life balance - especially for women looking to having children
  • Are workplaces open to some flexibility?
  • How would the mentors approach motherhood?
  • What arrangements need to be in place towards being able to take maternity leave?
  • Would the mentor suggest being a member of any professional associations In your field?
  • How would the mentor suggest dealing with conflict?
  • What is a good way to ask for feedback from an employer?
  • When should the mentee raise with the employer just how little electrical work they are doing - and how would the mentor suggest this is approached with the employer?
  • How would the mentor suggest you deal with criticism (constructive or not?)


  • Discuss the importance of maintaining networks - and how does the Mentor propose you can do this?.
  • How has networking assisted the mentor in their career? Could any examples be provided?
  • What does the mentor classify as effective networking?
  • What are some of the essential skills required to network successfully?
  • What should you do after meeting someone following a networking event?
  • How can you leverage a platform like electricianXchange?.


  • How to handle conscious or unconscious bias in the workplace?
  • What challenges do women face within the work place - and how would the mentor propose handling this?
  • How to speak up and communicate effectively - and what techniques can mentors suggest to get better at this?
  • How to develop your own personal branding - have the mentors does this? Are there any thoughts in terms of how this can be done?