Want to know how to use this platform?

To leverage this mentoring module better here are some suggestions:

  • As mentee; scan the mentor's background and select one mentor you want to get guidance from, based on the mentor's industry background / experience and the career related query you have.
  • As mentee, when you click to communicate with the Mentor, it takes you to a page which asks a few questions to ensure that the mentor you are trying to reach is available AND is the best person to be liaising with. This being done to make the most effective use of both your times. 
  • Once the alignment is done, you can reach out to the mentor allocated posing to them the question / questions; going back and forth on the chats with them.
  • Try and determine a fixed date & time with the mentor when both of you will be online so the chats back & forth work in real time.   
  • You will be only allowed to liaise with one mentor at a time and at the mentor's pace (typically 15-30 minutes in total each week) given that all mentors will be working a regular job / gainfully occupied so are dedicating this time towards mentoring in the spare time they have available. This time availability may vary up or down, in terms of the time they are able to devote to this but overall its at the mentor and your own pace mutually decided upon,
  • You will need to be logged in to the platform each time to communicate back and forth
  • After the chats have gone back and forth; you and the Mentor may decide to meet via a Zoom chat - which the Mentor can organise through mutual request.
  • If you are meeting via Zoom / Teams and if you are under the age of eighteen please talk to your mum, dad, teachers or anyone you trust to initiate the calls with the mentor from a safe space perspective. Using the Zoom / Teams video chat, both of you can communicate with each other face to face back and forth till you are able to gain the guidance you are desiring.
  • Incidentally the Mentor will have been given instructions on how to commence a Zoom video chat with you - so please leave it up to the Mentor to initiate this. If they seem uncertain about how to do this, ask them to call 1300 353 364 or email info@electricianXchange.com so they can be provided the instructions to being able to do that.
  • If you have any uncertainty about what to do or if you feel the conversation is not proceeding in a safe manner please feel free to email info@electricianXchange.com or call 1300 353 364 and someone will respond back to you rest assured.
  • We are doing this to encourage more to consider this as a trade of choice - but please be patient as we try and get this to work as efficiently as possible for all stakeholders -  mentors, mentees and us as the administrators trying to put together a system which benefits you and our industry.