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How’s the industry, as it affects A-Grades & Electrical Contractors?

10:01 PM. Tuesday 2023 21st March

Is the industry for electricians still robust given the weakness in the economy ......

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Rob Boards - How Effective Are They?

2:33 PM. Thursday 2022 29th September

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How well did you do in the past 12 months

1:00 PM. Friday 2022 24th June

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7:27 PM. Thursday 2022 9th June

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Simon Moore

Managing Director, Fine Tune Communications

With electricianXchange I know that I'd get quality tradesmen to do the work for me. I feel comfortable using electricianXchange. The administration and the work put in by us for the electricians took minimal amount of time. This was advantageous to our business as it allowed us to be able to do other things we needed to do.

Isabelle Smith

Office Administration Manager, HSE

We urgently needed about 10 A Grade electricians having come into a lot of work for big jobs. Using electricianXchange was quite fast and we got the employees we needed within the week. So it was a really good experience. electricianXchange was very cost effective to use. It was really easy to access and we found it was very useful.

Chris Fenwick

Managing Director, Kane & Co Electrical Contractors

The best feature I found with electricianXchange was the rate being set so you negotiated a discount off an offer rate already set. So I find usually getting to a rate hard work. With electricianXchange it is set already and we negotiate a discount from there, which was great. I also found it very easy to set up the ad, put in our bid and then interact off the website. So I found the electricianXchange website easy to use. And being specifically for the electrician trade, I found it saved me a lot of time.

Peter Manakis

Managing Director, PLM Electrics

The way of the future for electricians is through digital platforms like electricianXchange.

James Keegan

Previously Director, NECA Victoria

electricianXchange was designed by contractors, for contractors. Our contractors said they needed something to make it easier for them to do business with each other. So we created electricianXchange..

Peter Van Den Akker

Managing Director, VDA Electrical

We were looking for an A Grade electrician and posted our job on the electricianXchange website. It was much cheaper than SEEK and the website was very easy to navigate and within a few clicks we could post our jobs. We received 10 applicants from electricianXchange all qualified electricians. After shortlisting the candidate we hired two A-Grade electricians. In future we will be using only electricianXchange to hire our electricians, it saves us time and money.

Declan Street

Managing Director

Usually when we post our jobs on the other job website, we receive many applicants from all over the world with skills like auto electricians, builder or plumbers. It was a relief not to have to sift through mountains of irrelevant resumes. Through electricianXchange we received candidates with the right qualifications, exactly what we hoped to attract. We received 8 application and hired two A-Grade electricians. We’ll definitely use it again

Gerard Lyons

Service Delivery Manager, Keece Electrical Services

We advertised on electricianXchange for A Grade Electricians and Estimators. We had 20 qualified electricians applying. We were able to fill our position through electricianXchange. We are happy with our advertising for electrical jobs through electricianXchange and would recommend electricianXchange to any other employer looking for similar talent.

Jessica Cardona

Manager, APEC Electrical & Communication

We advertised for a qualified electrician through electricianXchange. It was for someone to come in and work with us on a casual basis. We were really surprised to see 14 qualified electricians applying as its not easy to find electricians to work for you on a casual basis. We would advertise again on electricianXchange and if anyone is looking for electricians, there is no better site for identifying electricians than electricianXchange. And it makes sense. After all its supported by the industry body for electricians, NECA.

Brad Collinder

Manager, Collinder Electrical

The overall experience has been extremely easy. I signed up as an employer. Paid the fee just like you do with other job boards. We listed the job requirements. Got 6 applicants of which we interviewed 4 which is a really good proportion. . . and then hired one out of that. I will definitely be advertising my job positions through electricianXchange again.

Grant Barling

Business Owner

I’ve dealt with Ray and Electrician xchange from its inception. Ray is a genuinely caring man that has and will go out of his way to help all in the electrical industry to gain/provide employment in a timely and personal way. The website is constantly being improved and has grown dramatically. I highly recommend this service and commend Ray and his team in having the foresight to help the electrical industry with employment opportunities for employers and employees alike.

John Harding

Business Owner

We have used electricianXchange to help recruit staff for our Electrical business that works with Reneweable energy services.
Ray's wealth of knowledge has been great in helping us plan our approach to finding the right team members. Highly recommend his services.

Phill Craig

Managing Director

Ray and his team have been incredible for our business over the past 6 months & ongoing. Great communication at all times. Dedicated and persistent attention to detail and the task of recruiting the best and most appropriate staff for our business, at all times. They take the time to clearly understand our requirements and have delivered each time! I could not recommend them more highly!!!

Craig Varty


I have found that the employer that I have been connected with are as per the details I requested when looking for job opportunities.
Ray was fantastic at chasing up on how it was progressing with the prospective employer. I would recommend that anybody sign up.

Richard Ward

Managing Director

We had deadlines to meet on a large project where we needed short term labour to assist us to get the job done. Ray and the team at electricianXchange did a great job and found us 3 suitable contractors that came on board immediately. This enabled us to hit our target's, stay on program and keep doing what we do.

Michael Pradipta

4th year electrical apprentice

Ray is passionate about what he's doing and genuinely care about both job seekers and employers. I would recommend electricianxchange to any electrical apprentices looking for work.

Andrew Richardson

Business Manager

Electricianxchange helps electricians find opportunities they wouldnt normally be aware of. The platform links tradesmen to employers, creating benefit for both. Its a great service!

Jack Bresnahan

1st year electrical apprentice

I found a job through ElectrianXchange fairly quickly and easily. They were also very good with communication and helpful through the process from start to finish.

Bernard Munso

Industrial electrician

I signed up looking for work. electricianXchange guided me at all times and helped me get the jobs I wanted. I highly recommend them.

Matthew Krivitch

A-Grade Electrician

Ray has been very helpful during the job seeking process. I highly recommend electricianXchange for electricians looking for work based on my personal experience

Jacob Chut

1st year electrical apprentice

It’s was really good to get back on tracks. as ElectricianXchange are very concerned about works and keep follow up. I really appreciate it.

Bashir Zarindast

3rd year electrical apprentice

Highly recommend, it’s quite effective . As a electrical apprentice I have found it easy to communicate with other people in here and get closer to what I am looking for.

Sean McLachlan

3rd year adult apprentice

Ray made the process so simple and easy! Definitely recommend using these guys

TCK Solar

Business Owner

We have been using for years and response to our expensive ads were lacking in no. and quality of application. We were recommended electricianxchange by one of our electrical subcontractors when he got to busy to work with us. We will never go back. We have employed 8 out of our 10 new staff from posting our ads and the level of applications was terrific. Ray has also been an amazing support as we navigated the process. We would highly recommend electricianxchange to any body hiring and any one looking for work in the industry.

Brad Fonceca

A-Grade Electrician

Ray and the team greatly help me in finding constant and ongoing work within the electrical industry. electricianXchange really works!

Mirko Blatancic

Registered Electrical Contractor

I have been using electricianxchange for years and I find them punctual, professional and good communicators. Placing ads for staff you are looking for is very easy. They regularly follow up and updating your ad is like editing Microsoft Word. If you have any difficulties Ray is happy to answer your phone call and he is happy to call you back. Also if you an employee you can easily search potential jobs or apply for the job.The pricing is reasonable.

Boris Silva

3rd year apprentice

Great resource for connecting with employers and finding new opportunities in a growing and competitive field.

David Tensek

A-Grade Electrician

A great platform to set your goals and standards of where you want your future to go. 🙂

Harry Bartlett

Business Manager

electricianXchange is very easy to use, especially with Ray on-call for assistance at any time. We have used the services a number of times and successfully sourced electricians when we have needed them.

Hua Yang

A-Grade Electrician

Dedicated for a professional service, highly recommended 👌 👍

Andrew Bell

Registered Electrical Contractor

Ray is always very informative and keeps me up to date on all things regarding electricians. Myself being a sole trader his great to know this resource is available

Michael Tzimas

Registered Electrical Contractor

Ray and his page electrical exchange have been a real eye-opening experience for me showing what the rates are and what people are doing in the industry today. I was fortunate enough for Ray to be able to organise some more work for me through other RECs and I’m very grateful for all his help. I give this organisation five stars

Asger Hardt

Registered Electrical Contractor

I have been really happy with the response and quality of applicants.
Thanks for all your help Ray.
Can highly recommend the service

Dancraft Electrical Solutions

Joshua Northeast

A-Grade Sub-Contractor

Excellent service by Ray

Andrew Easton

Registered Electrical Contractor

I had a variety of replies and could choose the electrician most suited to my requirements.


Ray Pavri, Founder electricianXchange and Sam Mafotta, EmploySure
Are you in business and unsure of the law as it affects work and safety?
25th January,2023

As a business one fact is true.

At some stage in your business life time, you or someone you know will face an HSE or employment related issue.

Could be a poorly drafted employment contract which unravels when there is conflict, could be in relation to payments due and claimed, could be an unintentional sham contracting arrangement where someone on contract claims they have worked long enough to be called a perm (with leave entitlements retrospectively due). Or a myrid of other reasons why something out of left field distracts you totally from what you are doing as a business.

And your ignorance of this because you are a small business (without access to a legal counsul on your team) will not be an excuse.

Ignorance of the law is not an excuse in the eyes of the law.

This is why this podcast for employers - particularly those who do not have a legal person permenantly on their books - will be very beneficial to listen to.

Hope you enjoy podcast 3.

Click this link below to listen on Spotify.

Ray Pavri, Founder electricianXchange
What are the costs (some hidden) in running an electrical contracting business?
20th January,2023

Are you fully cognisant of all the costs of running your business?

If so - and you budget for them with a margin per unit of work pre-defined, to cover these costs with a defined volume of work allowing you to recover this - why are so many small businesses in the red?

One reason could be that there are costs - some hidden that businesses do not factor in.

And what you do not factor in - never gets recovered - hence a negative bank balance and a negative P&L statement showing.

This podcast outlines costs - some hidden in running an electrical contracting business and is essential reading for anyone who's business is in the red, heading there or where there isn't enough margin left to take home anything.

Sam Mafotta, EmploySure
If you are hiring staff , what you don't know can hurt
19th January,2023

As a business one fact is true.

Sometime in your business life time, you will face an HSE or employment related issue. Could be a poorly drafted employment contract which unravels when there is conflict, could be over payments due and claimed, sham contracting where someone on contract claims they have worked long enough to be called a perm (with leave entitlements due)

And your ignorance of this as a 1-person or small business will not be an excuse. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse in the eyes of the law.

This podcast is critical for anyone who wants to risk-proof their business permenantly 

Ray Pavri, Founder electricianXchange
Are you earning what you think you are earning?
11th January,2023

Is what you are earning - say with a good charge out rate per hour making you feel like you are charging well, yet when you look at your bank statement at the end of the year, you feel like you are in the same spot each year or even going backwards?

I see this so often particularly with those in business, starting a business or those considering starting a business, that in my podcast topics for this year, I thought I'd address it first up. 

So if you are travelling to and back from work or just cruising on your sofa at home listening in, I hope you reflect on what this topic is looking to highlight. 

If you'd like to discuss what you can do about this - email or call me on 1300 353 364 so I can guide what strategies could be considered to improve this situation.

Click on the Spotify link below to listen to this topic

Ron Gall, Founder and Trainer, Cooee Bay Training Pty Ltd
Ron Gall, Electrical Contractor & Trainer involved with Energy Efficiency
20th October,2021

Ron Gall is an electrical fitter/mechanic havibng worked with Ergin Energy before starting his own electrical contracting business in 2013. Ray talks to Ron about the work he does in energy efficiency.

Steve Blume, President - Smart Energy Council, Director - Australian Institute of Energy
Electricians as champions of energy efficiency
13th July,2020

Ray, from electricianXchange talks to Steve Blume, President of the Smart Energy Council, Director at the Australian Institute of Energy, Director at the Global Solar Council; among a long trail of achievements along a career running over four plus decades. The discussion revolves around energy efficiency and how electricians at the forefront can be potential champions of this field, not only in causing change but also in an area increasingly becoming lucrative for the consumers and those servicing this increasing need.

Joel Handcock, Electrical Apprentice, Simplot Australia
An electrical apprentice's pursuit towards excellence
22nd June,2020

Joel Handcock represents the many apprentices who put in 100% towards trying to pursue a career in electro-technology, finding a tough pathway towards being able to do this. Joel started as a maintenance fitter in 2007 and decided he wanted to pursue an electro-technology pathway from an early age, but found the opportunities not forthcoming where he was located in regional Victoria. It took him until 2017, when his company Simplot Australia gave him the green light to move from his now established maintenance fitter tradesman role, to start back as an electrical apprentice where he commenced sweeping floors as most apprentices do in the early stages. In 2019 his TAFE in Bendigo recognised his work by awarding him the Apprentice of the year award putting his name subsequently forward for the Global Apprenticeship Network (GAN) award which Joel also won collecting in the process a cheque for $12,000. Joel hopes to use this money to visit Simplot US and learn about automation & PLC programming. Ray talks to Joel on his quest towards his desire to become an electrician and what others could learn if they intend heading down the same path. 

Sam Park, Patent & Trade Mark Attorney, Solicitor
Electricians who are innovative : protecting your creative idea
15th June,2020

Are you an electrician who feels there is a better product which can be created to make life simpler not just for yourself but for others while at work? But if you spend your spare hours developing a product which benefits not just you but others, why not make it a commercial reality? After all, if its a pain point for you, it must be a pain point for your peers as well? 

But creating a commercial asset out of an idea requires you to protect that asset and a patent / trade mark is one way to protect that asset. 

In this podcast, Ray talks to Sam Park, a patent & trade mark attorney about how to protect ideas which have the potential to be commercialised.

David Hemmi
Electricians pushing conventional career boundaries
9th June,2020

David personifies the Millennial, having moved across multiple careers over the past 14-15 years. He started off as an electrician in  Switzerland in 2007 and is presently an Investment Analyst at a Venture Capital Investment Firm in Melbourne. Along the way, he picked up a Bachelors in Systems Engineering, a Masters degree in Robotics and a PhD in Computer Science. But then they say - it’s not what you start with which is important. It’s what you do with what you start up with which is.

The thing which struck me most about David and his relevance for electricians in general and electricianXchange in particular, was his emphasis that his hands-on experience as an electrician gave him an added lever in all of the roles he subsequently took up. He is someone who has the unique ability to provide guidance to anyone qualified as an electrician wondering what to do next.

To any electrician listening to this podcast - based on David's journey - the world is your oyster.

Asger Hardt, REC, Director, Dancraft Electrical Solutions
An REC's journey : what works and what doesn't
1st June,2020

This podcast discusses Asgar's electrical contracting journey, what made Asgar get into business, the joys & challenges of running a business, how's work been given the COVID-19 situation and any guidance he could provide to other REC's who may be doing it tough in this new environment faced.

Joseph Sicura, Registered Electrical Contractor, eBuilt Electrics
Story of a qualified Electrician and REC on his business journey
26th May,2020

If you have already qualified as an A Grade Electrician its not that difficult getting your electrical contracting license. Hear the story of Joseph Sicura, a Victorian based REC on his business journey over a 9 year working period.

Rachael Ryan, Irish electrician working in Sydney
Why are more female electricians not entering the industry?
15th May,2020

At a National Level there are the various large infrastructure projects happening across Australia which will result in a high demand for trades in general and electricians in particular. The total value of projects I've identified adds up to $86.29 billion nationally (happy to share this, just message me). This will require lots of electricians servicing this upcoming need. If this seems distant given the current COVID-19 situation - this will pass and in the next 5-7 years this situation will change, with the mad scramble for electricians a certainty. Yet only 50% of the overall population (males) actively consider this as a trade to "actively" enter into. With 50% of the population (females) not considering this as a trade to "actively" get into - is it any wonder there is a shortage which is unfulfilled? Even as the situation is changing, only 20% of the demographics is female, so a lot more needs to be done. Listen to this podcast of how Rachael Ryan views this industry and what can be done to improve this situation for the better.

Jason Twyman, Electrician, Innovator, MD - Make Safe Connector
An electrician's inspiring innovation story
7th May,2020

Have there been times at work when you've said to yourself - wouldn't it be better if - to a particular pain point, you and others around you have faced?

That pretty much is the start of creativity and innovation - towards something better - a new product or a process which addresses the pain point.

But how many of us take this though and convert that into a new product in our spare time, experiment with it till there is a solution, get a patent for it, determine the broader market for it and then try to earn some money from it? 

We've all got this within us - and here is a way to learn how someone else, in this case Jason Twyman, did it.

Have a listen to this great podcast on an electrician innovator and his journey.


Tessa Ogle, MD - Electrical Industries Charity, UK
Mental health as it applies to electricians
4th May,2020

Mental health as it relates to electricians & electrical workers is not discussed as much as it should. It is as serious as any physical health related issues, yet is not getting much acknowledgement. In the UK there is a separate organisation called Electrical Industries Charity which cateres to this very topic as it relates to UK electricians & electrical workers. Is it time something like this was thought about for Australia? 

Dean Spicer, MD RECIPS
Making the most with what you have
8th April,2020

This podcast follows a post on electricianXchange's FaceBook page ( on why we should not focus on things we have no control over  (like the economy, jobs potentially being lost) focusing rather on things we have within our control. This podcast gleans through Dean's experience how he is adopting this philosophy as owner of his business.

Gavin Hodgins, CEO FloatPac Solar
Floating Solar : Opportunities
22nd April,2020

Floating solar takes advantage of latent water assets - whether it’s for water utilities or for industrial / domestic pool owners. It is a growing sub-segment for solar. Ray, MD electricianXchange interviews Gavin Hodgins, CEO Floatpac Solar on the opportunities this creates.  


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